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La Piccola Galleria presents "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Mitchell McAuley, Arte Fiere, Bologna 2013

The exhibition "It's Time" is part of a larger exhibition process "Cycle" which will develop over a period of time. The works are primarily woodcut prints and sculptures. The initial beginning of the Cycle is the creation of wooden architectural sculptures that are photographed under the effect of light and shadows. These images are then used to develop imagery for woodcut prints. Later the wooden sculptures will be burned and the remaining charcoal used to draw architectural sculpture in another exhibition space. And so the cycle of the work, image, process is repeated over and over again. 
This idea of a continous cycle is an extension from an earlier group of work based on the character Sisyphus. Sisyphus was condemned to a life of repetition, a life with no end or no resolve, an act of absurdity. I have taken the structure of this thought and placed it over the form of art and architecture, the rebuilding , demolition, and renovation of cities over time. The casting, copying and collection of sculpture throughout history.
The "Snow" works are based on the same premise, but no sculpture exists, only the marks and lines of snow, that disappear and re-appear every year.

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